The shed runs a range of activities, meaning that all members are catered for according to their interests and preferences.
This includes:    
•   Woodworking workshop, working in a well-equipped shed area on a wide range of projects 
such as furniture restoration, toy making, constructing jobs or repairing items requested by locals,
 members’ own projects, learning how to use new tools e.g. lathe, router, etc. 
•   Metal engineering workshop, including use of our electronic metal lathe, welding, etc. 
•   Gardening programs - members grow a variety of vegetables, which are largely used in meal preparation for members.
Any excess production is either stored long-term or frozen, or sold.
Members also have hothouse production of flowers and pot-plants .
Made available to the public at Saturday morning markets. 
•   Kitchen/Meals program - The officially registered kitchen program is run by qualified cooking members, 
and prepares meals for our own members, using our own produce. 
Meals are served in the large dining room. In addition, members take great pride in preserving produce in jars,
making sauces and relishes, etc. All these items are for sale to the public. 
•   Fund Raising  activities e.g. Saturday morning markets, local BBQs and sausage sizzles, etc. 
•   Library - we have a library of books, CDs and DVDs, all of which is available free to members.
A smart TV is also available in the dining room. 
•   Administrative Duties - the roles of President, Secretary and Treasurer 
also require many hours of volunteer work 
to keep the Shed functioning efficiently.