Sebastopol  Men's Shed

  All men 18 + are welcome to become members of the SMS .
membership goes from 1 July till 30 of june , payable each July . 
If anyone joins during the year , the subscription is paid on a pro rata basis .
If you are interested in joining , just call into the Shed during opening hours and ask . 
You will be given a tour of the Shed and its facilities , and also an information package for new members ,
 along with an application form .
We only ask that all members respect each other as they work with them .
We have strict safety rules in place that must be observed , 
and also follow any Covid19 regulations that may be in place at any time .
 A qualified First Aid person is always on hand. 

  Mission Statement  
This men’s shed is a community-based shed, 
so along with helping our members we help the community groups in the Sebastopol and larger area.  
But our main aim is the health and wellbeing of our members and to provide a safe space for them.
All members are encouraged to join in the shed activities which range from gardening through to woodwork.
Our food program is called “Get Forked” which supplies healthy meals for our members.
There are daily meals, with Wednesday being the main meal day.
The shed is open from 9am to 2pm 5 days a week.
We are closed public holidays.   All men over the age of 18 are eligible to join
Les Shimmin   President . Sebastopol Men’s Shed    2015 / 2023